martes, 25 de febrero de 2014



Location: Lord Howe Island Group, Unincorporated area of New South Wales, Australia.
It's considered to be the most beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean, it's located just a two-hour flight's distance away from Sydney and Brisbane.
Things to do: sport fishing, birdwatching, snorkeling, scuba diving.
Best time to go: Between September and June.

Phú Quôc Island

Location: Gulf of Thailand, Vietnam.
 It´s one of the little underdeveloped island. It is known for its clean and uncluttered beaches. Geographically, it´s nearer to Cambodia than mainland Vietnam. Most of the island can be easily accessed by a motorbike, the most common vehicle found there.
Things to do: Diving, kayaking, getting a massage, indulging in some fresh seafood.
Best time to go: Between November and March.


Location: French collectivity of Saint Martin, The Netherlands.
This is a beautiful tropical beach situated in the north of the famous Friar´s Bay Beach. It is sparsely populated stretch of white sand, that can be reached after a well-marked hike of about 15 odd minutes. the hiking route passes through an underbrush and so, the hike needs a little effort however it is worth it. There are no services and facilities so make sure that you stock up your supplies.
Things to do:Sunbathe, snorkeling and swimming.
Best time to go: Between December and April.

martes, 28 de enero de 2014

Most beautiful skylines in the World


Dubai is the most developed emirate in the UAE. It is the largest among the other seven emirates and is considered to be a independent city. Every year it recieves many tourists because of its famous Dubai Shopping Festival. There are also sporting events like golf, formula 1 and cricket. In this picture we found the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world.


Kuala Lumpur is the federal capital of Malaysia.It has numerous shopping centers, sight-seeing spots, city tours, and amazing restaurants. The night life is spectacular, with lounges and pub. The Petronas Twin Towers, are the tallest twin structures in the world and make this skyline unique and fantastic.


This city is also known as City of Los Angles and its famous for Hollywood. Fashion transport, entertainment, business and hospitality is popular there, LA is a global city and really important. San Gabriel Mountains make this city skyline awe-inspiring.


Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and is its commercial capital, 49% of the total population born outside Canada. The architecture is very eye-catching, you can see modern and old architecture. The tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere is the CN tower, in the Toronto Skyline.

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In this blog, we are going to talk about famous places around the world to visit alone or with your couple or with your family. You will learn about the places you are interested in. Also, you can see pictures and essential information of the city that you are going to visit.

New York, United States

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

London, United Kingdom