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Location: Lord Howe Island Group, Unincorporated area of New South Wales, Australia.
It's considered to be the most beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean, it's located just a two-hour flight's distance away from Sydney and Brisbane.
Things to do: sport fishing, birdwatching, snorkeling, scuba diving.
Best time to go: Between September and June.

Phú Quôc Island

Location: Gulf of Thailand, Vietnam.
 It´s one of the little underdeveloped island. It is known for its clean and uncluttered beaches. Geographically, it´s nearer to Cambodia than mainland Vietnam. Most of the island can be easily accessed by a motorbike, the most common vehicle found there.
Things to do: Diving, kayaking, getting a massage, indulging in some fresh seafood.
Best time to go: Between November and March.


Location: French collectivity of Saint Martin, The Netherlands.
This is a beautiful tropical beach situated in the north of the famous Friar´s Bay Beach. It is sparsely populated stretch of white sand, that can be reached after a well-marked hike of about 15 odd minutes. the hiking route passes through an underbrush and so, the hike needs a little effort however it is worth it. There are no services and facilities so make sure that you stock up your supplies.
Things to do:Sunbathe, snorkeling and swimming.
Best time to go: Between December and April.

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  1. Oh my god! Phú Quôc Island is perfect, what hotels or appartments are there? Is there any flights? I would love to go there on vacations, but all these other beaches are wonderful.

  2. I really like a lot islands.It is very interesting to know a bit more about them.I will collect money for going to all the islands.